Are You Ready To Scale Your Business Consistently, Month On Month?
Look at how we have helped other e-com brands, 
and could help you too!


Following a full website and account audit, we develop a strategy
We take time to research your audiences and test for success by
serving up thumb 
stopping content.

We then take your customers on a journey, 
nurturing them by showing a sequence of content, building the relationship
until they are ready to buy.

 When your customer is ready, we go for the sale 
and bring them into your business in a way that is
totally aligned with your brand and ethics.

Our work doesn't end when the sale is made. 
We continue to nurture the relationship, bringing them back as
repeat purchasers and so increasing the life time value of each 
customer we bring you.

About Us

SOUP Social is a full service digital 
marketing agency owned by Amanda Perry.

Amanda has over 15 years business experience, 
in brick and mortar businesses, e-com and service.

Bringing her experience from both sides of the E-com fence, Amanda understands the challenges faced by online entrepreneurs and has built a 
world class team who are focussed on your growth.

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